Is Hiring A Handyman Smarter Than Getting Married?

What? Yes, that’s what the title says, “Is hiring a handyman smarter than getting married?”

When you get married, it is easy to think that suddenly your spouse will now have all the knowledge needed to maintain your home. No, they may not have mentioned any home repair knowledge throughout the entire relationship, but for some reason becoming a spouse seems to evoke this, Mr./Ms. Fix-it mindset where previously unknown home maintenance knowledge was attained with the exchanging of the rings.

Sadly, this isn’t quite how it works.

But really, is hiring a handyman better than getting married? Consider how hiring a handyman could relate to choosing a spouse:

  • A handyman knows what is necessary to get a project done and has the tools needed to accomplish the task.
  • You don’t always hire the first handyman who comes to your home to bid on a job. After all, it is wise to shop around to get the best price for the job to be done.
  • When hiring a handyman service, you need to be wary of scams. Avoid handyman companies that rely on unsolicited calls and visits to get work.
  • Most handyman offer guarantees on their work.
  • A reputable handyman service will be there to do the job at the appointed time. You don’t have to hope they have time do the work.

Is a handyman a better choice than a spouse? The answer is definitely up to you. But if you think about it, it’s something to consider –especially if you are a single homeowner and find yourself living in a home, where there is always a repair to be made. After all, homeownership often means spending your weekends and free time not on a romantic get-away, but laying tile, painting, installing cabinets or many other jobs and projects that go with owning your own home. The Coley Handyman Services of Dawsonville can take care of your home’s maintenance needs, so you can enjoy life. Whether it is enjoying that romantic get-away or picking up some overtime. Call Coley today.


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