5 Smart Reasons for Having Your Basement Refinished!

An unfinished basement has little value, but a finished basement offers you a plethora of advantages. After all, that unfinished space has a great deal of potential –not just because of the opportunity to improve your resale value, but because an unfinished basement means that you are likely spending extra in heating and cooling cost, too.  These might be the most common reasons for having your basement refinished, but they aren’t the only ones.

  1. Refinishing a basement means that you will know that your home has a stronger foundation.
  2. You have more living space thus providing room for that office, home gym, children’s playroom or perhaps a place for a rental unit, which can bring in extra income.
  3. A finished basement will provide another entrance/exit, which can be vital in the event of an emergency. No one wants to think about a home emergency, but having multiple entrances to a home can be a big benefit.
  4. As referenced, a finished basement provides as much as a 15% return on the value of your home. Should you plan to put your home on the market, potential buyers are always happy to see a finished, useable basement.
  5. The rooms in the basement are cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter because they are insulated by the home’s insulation as well as the ground around them.

Many home handyman services are qualified to handle basement refinishing jobs. They know what areas to watch for and how to correct any problems or prevent any potential ones. Rather than taking on that basement refinishing job on your own, call a trustworthy handyman services and let them so the job for you.

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