10 Things to Get a Handyman to do this Summer!

The summer season is one that most people associate with travel and relaxation. They plan their summer adventures for months- saving money and vacation days at work so they can sate their need to relax as much as possible over the summer. They don’t necessarily plan on using their summer for addressing a list of home renovation or maintenance projects! And, thanks to area handyman services, being able to relax is completely doable.

There are many home repair and maintenance jobs that seem to land on ones’ summer To Do list, but if you aren’t sure which ones, we have compiled a list of jobs north Georgia handyman can do.

  1. Dry wall repair – Whether it is a small replacement or finishing a wall, this a perfect job to contact a Georgia handyman about.
  2. Installing or replacing weather stripping around doors and windows.
  3. Upgrading your single paned windows to double or triple pains so you save money on energy costs.
  4. Basic plumbing repairs and installations such as upgrading fixtures or addressing leaky or clogged pipes.
  5. Garage door repair and maintenance
  6. Updating the trim inside or outside of your home.
  7. Siding repair – bowed or bent vinyl siding needs to be replaced using specific tools. Your Coley Handyman Services team has the knowledge and the tools to get the job done.
  8. Basement refinishing can be a tedious job and take away from several weekends. Hiring a handyman to do this for you means you have more time for fun.
  9. Replace shingles, shutters, gutters and other exterior elements.
  10. Painting –inside or out-your home. Just choose the color(s) and they can do the rest.

Home maintenance projects can be a full time job for most homeowners. Rather than spending all your free time this summer doing DIY projects, why not hire a handyman and spend your time at the beach, playing golf or even just reading a book? After all, summer is too short to spend all of it working!

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